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Storing error values every iteration

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Griffin Polglaze
Griffin Polglaze el 1 de Mayo de 2020
Cerrada: MATLAB Answer Bot el 20 de Ag. de 2021
I need to store the error value after every completed iteration. I've tried to do this using the following section of code, however instead of storing the error, err_every_iter stores a matrix containing n iterations. Any help would be greatly appreciated
iter_error = max(abs(T - T_c));
T_c = T;
if iter_error < error_max
err_every_iter = iter_error;
err_every_iter = [1:n];

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Pravin Jagtap
Pravin Jagtap el 4 de Mayo de 2020
Hello Griffin,
Please refer to the last two lines of the code:
err_every_iter = iter_error; % iter_error is stored here
err_every_iter = [1:n]; % again err_every_iter is replaced with [1:n]
Here, you are updating the values in 'error_every_iter' twice (read the comments above). I think as per your requirement, you need 'err_every_iter' array which you need to update inside the 'for loop' for every iteration as follows:
err_every_iter(i) = iter_error % i represents the iterator of for loop
Hope this will help.

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