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user defined time-axis of the plot by "rpmfreqmap"

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Yuantong Li
Yuantong Li el 1 de Mayo de 2020
Comentada: Yuantong Li el 7 de Mayo de 2020
is it possible to change the time-axis in the plot, which is created by "rpmfreqmap"? The default time-axis (yellow highlighted at the bottom of the picture) starts always from 0 second. Obviously there is no space for the input in "rpmfreqmap" to define a time-axis by users themselves. I would like to only change the scales in time-axis (e.g. starting from 5 sec and ending at 10 sec) without changing any other plottings in the picture. Is that possible? How does it work?
Thank you!

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Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti el 6 de Mayo de 2020
Editada: Samatha Aleti el 6 de Mayo de 2020
You can change the "x-axis" limits of the plot obtained using "rpmfreqmap", without changing the data using the axes handle as follows:
hf = findall(0,'Type','axes'); % Gets the handle to all axes
hf(6).XLim = [5,10];
hf(6).XTick = 5:10;
hf(6).XTickLabel = cellstr(string(hf(6).XTick));

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