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How do I append a timestamp in a loop?

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farzad el 6 de Mayo de 2020
Comentada: farzad el 7 de Mayo de 2020
Hi All
trying the following code, I noticed that the output has not appended the t array for m times but only for two times. one the original and once appended. How should I
modify it in a way that the array t, is appended m times ?
resol is the time stamp resolution
for n=1:size(m)
if n==1
Ttot= [Ttot,t.'+Ttot(end)+resol];
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jessupj el 6 de Mayo de 2020
Editada: jessupj el 6 de Mayo de 2020
what is m?
size(m) is probably a 2x1 vector of length and width of m (assuming m is a 2d array).
try 'length(m)' for the loop, or e.g. size(m,1) to identify which dimension of m to iterate over.
farzad el 7 de Mayo de 2020
thank you very much ! that was right !

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