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How to take values from a matlab file

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Hi everyone,
I am on matlab 2016b. I am creating a function an appdesigner. I am asking the user to choose a matlab file. The configuration of the matlab files will always be like the photo below.
In this file, I am only interesting by the table name "essai". Like you see in the code below, I trying to import the data from the file but it's not working. I would only take the table named "essai" to save it and load it in another function.
I need help to solve this problem.


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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 15 May 2020
Max-Henri - since you are loading a mat file, perhaps you can use load instead. Something like
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile({'*.mat'},'Please select a MATLAB file');
if ~isempty(pathname) && ~isempty(filename)
app.FileNameEditField.Value = filename;
myData = load(fullfile(pathname, filename));
if isfield(myData, 'essai')
essai = myData.essai;
save('essai.mat', 'essai');
The above is untested but I think it straightforward. Note how we use fullfile to create the correct path fo the file and how we check to make sure that 'essai' is a valid field of the data before we try to save it to file.

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Max-Henri Froger
Max-Henri Froger on 16 May 2020
Thank you very much, it's working!

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