How to search for where a function is used in Simulink Model

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I wanted to know if there was a way to identify all places that a function was being called inside of a simulink model. I have a simulink model with several matlab function blocks. Is there a way to search for all places within the simulink model that call a specific function whether it be inside a matlab function block or the matlab function block itself.
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Larry Deng
Larry Deng on 8 Sep 2020
You can also search:
  • Model contents without loading the models into memory. On the MATLAB Home tab, in the File section, click Find Files. You can search a folder or the entire path. However, you cannot highlight results in models from the results in the Find Files dialog box the same way you do with project search. See Advanced Search for Files (MATLAB).
  • A model hierarchy. In the Simulink Editor, on the Modeling tab, click Find. Select options to look inside masks, links, and references. This search loads the models into memory. See Model Explorer
  • For variables, block parameter values, or search a model hierarchy and contents using more options, using the Model Explorer. This search loads the models into memory. Use the Model Explorer to search for variables in workspaces and data dictionaries, and variable usage in a model. See Edit and Manage Workspace Variables by Using Model Explorer

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 18 May 2020
Hi Michael,
Which item displays the full path of the item. If item is a MATLAB function in a Simulink model, then which displays the full path for corresponding file. For information, follow the documentation of which.




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