Having problem with indexing my table

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Yanjika O
Yanjika O el 24 de Mayo de 2020
Respondida: Cris LaPierre el 25 de Mayo de 2020
I have imported a column from excel file. And wanted to refer several parts of it by indexing.
s=table({'CS1';'CS2';'CS3'},S([3500:4010; 4500:5010; 6000:6510]));
The reason I want to use above table command is that I want to apply same function with those several parts of S table as follows:
% Apply Function to Groups Within Variables
% Compute the group-wise means of variables in a table, A, and return them as rows in a table, B.
% Create a table where one variable defines groups.
A = table({'test2';'test1';'test2';'test3';'test1'},...
% Define the anonymous function to find the mean of an input.
func = @mean;
% func uses an existing MATLAB® function to define the operation.
% Apply the function to each group of data defined by Var1.
B = varfun(func,A,'GroupingVariables','Var1')
% B contains a variable called GroupCount to indicate the number of entries from table A in that group.
Please give me your recommendations.
Thank you in advance.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 24 de Mayo de 2020
What indices? Of A or S or s?
Can you attach safe_1.xlsx?
Yanjika O
Yanjika O el 24 de Mayo de 2020
Editada: Yanjika O el 24 de Mayo de 2020
I wanted to look data in S to look like A.
I had returned this error after I try to extract datas from S
Subscripting a table using linear indexing (one subscript) or multidimensional indexing (three or more subscripts) is not supported. Use a row subscript and a variable subscript.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre el 25 de Mayo de 2020
It looks like you are trying access a subset of data in your table. Take a look at this video from Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB.

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