Wireless webcam integration for Real-Time Windows Target

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Hey everyone, I am planning to use a wireless webcam for my thesis project for target tracktion in Matlab/Simulink usin Real-Time windows Target. I am quite a newbie and i checked for suitable wireless webcam arround the internet but i couldn't find. Im wondering if Simulink image process. toolbax is supporting wireless webcams or not. If it does; can you suggest me a good wireless webcam please?

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Seth Popinchalk
Seth Popinchalk on 22 Apr 2011
You can use the From Video Device block from the Image Acquisition Toolbox. It has Extensible Hardware Support using previously built adaptors for Supported Hardware and also has an Adaptor Kit for advanced users who want to build custom adaptors.


Find more on Creating Custom Adaptors in Help Center and File Exchange

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