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Is there a way to 'fold up' sections of code--like when you close up a while loop?

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I know someone already asked and answered this question, however, the accepted answer does not work for me.
I am using Matlab 7.10.0 (R2010a) and have a rather long code that has multiple sections. While working on one section, I would like to "fold" the other sections so that it is easier to navigate.
The answer that the other person accepted was to put that section of code between "%%", such as:
However, "%%" create cell blocks that do not fold and act as separate entities when I try to test the program (they need to act as one, not multiple, sections). If anyone has an alternative method, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Arthur el 13 de Nov. de 2012
You have to activate code folding for cells in Preferences.

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