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Number the subplot quarter

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I would like to put a number to each quarter in subplot. An example: subplot(2,2,X) I would that when X=1 in my chart in the first quarter appers "1" in top-left corner of the quarter and the same for the second one and so forth. Is it possible? How can I do? I sought for in MatLab subplot dedicated page and in forums but I was not able to find a solution. Thanks to whomsoever is able to provide or have already found a smart solution!


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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 31 May 2020
You may want to use text(...)
doc text
Filippo Bisotti
Filippo Bisotti on 31 May 2020
No. I would impose to subplot to print the number of each portion of the subplot chart if it is possible.
Filippo Bisotti
Filippo Bisotti on 31 May 2020
Thanks now it works! I just need to understand more in details text properties....

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