Velocity of the Dye?

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I have attached 2 consecutive frame of the process where it showing the spread of dye in water. I would like to find the velocity of the dye. If any of you guys can give some suggestions how to go ahead with this. Will this be possible to count the pixels in the dye area if yes how?
muhammad choudhry
muhammad choudhry on 29 Jun 2020
Hi, I am injecting the dye into a swirling machine at the inlet to calculate the velocity of the dye . FPS of the camera is 30 frames per second. I want to calculate the velocity of the dye spread. Initially, I want to see the interface of the dye and water too track the spread of dye and count the pixels in the interface frame by frame. Is there a way or code to find out the velocity of the dye spread at the interface?
So far, I tried to subtract the background of the frame and contour the dye but seems like I am getting other back ground disturbance hence plan is to extract the contour of the 10 to 20 frames and track the movement of them.
But I do not know how in code?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jun 2020
Try the color thresholder on the Apps tab of the tool ribbon.
muhammad choudhry
muhammad choudhry on 29 Jun 2020
color thresholder app gives the option of RGB,LAB etc. I selected RGB hence then it ask to select the region of interest i drew the freehand mask around the red dye then it gave me the results in the RGB histogram that's not I am looking for.
I am looking a method => Something which will just extract the dye from the whole process then take the contour of the dye only => once have the contour lets say 10 frames I want build the code which will detect and track the movement or spread of dye contour hence give me the velocity of the process (how fast dye interface spreading).
Can you help building this code?
I have attached you 7 raw images as well.

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