How to exit a program or rather not process further code if a condition is not met ?

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Say for example a check for a variable 'a' ?
If a is not equal to (a~= 1) abort the program and do not execute further codes , else continue ?

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Arthur on 21 Nov 2012
Error should only be used when there is, ehm, an error. To stop the execution otherwise, use return.
Glenn on 17 Apr 2018
The return statement returns control to the program that called the function, it doesn't terminate execution unless called from the top level.
Is there a way to gracefully stop execution within a called function?

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Tonu on 21 Nov 2012
Hey I just used the 'error' function , and it is working fine. If any other option , please suggest, Thanks,Tonu
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Aishwarya Lakshmi Srinivasan
Hi, can you please elaborate this ? In my case I am trying to abort a function that is currently running by setting the flag to false when abort button is pressed in an app designer.

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Anmar Mohammed
Anmar Mohammed on 11 Jul 2018
Thank you very much, greetings.

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