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Classifying environmental sounds using AlexNet

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Ibrahim A
Ibrahim A el 10 de Jun. de 2020
Comentada: Ibrahim A el 23 de Jun. de 2020
I am trying to extract Spectrograms and MFCC from audio files then calssify them using AlexNet or GooglNet. Any tips ?

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Utkarsh el 19 de Jun. de 2020
Hi Ibrahim,
For classification of spectrogram with alexnet, you might wish to train the last layers of alexnet according to your dataset (spectrograms of audio). For more details about transfer learning with alexnet refer here.
You may also refer here for an approach without alexnet.
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Utkarsh el 19 de Jun. de 2020
Editada: Utkarsh el 19 de Jun. de 2020
You may refer here for documentation on how to create a spectrogram for an audio
Have you tried this for saving the spectrogram? (It will save the spectrogram without any border,label,etc)
s = spectrogram(x); %x contains the loaded audio in an array
set(gca, 'Visible', 'off');
Ibrahim A
Ibrahim A el 23 de Jun. de 2020
Thank you Utkarsh

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