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How do I derive a linear equation for wind speed between 13km/h –50km/h using “if-else”?

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for i = 1: length(Wind_Year)
if WindLight = nnz((Wind_Year >= 13) & (Wind_Year < 50));
Power = m * x + c;
Power = m * WindLight + c;
Power1 =[Power1; Power];
Day1 = [Day1; i];
elseif WindHeavy = nnz((Wind_Year >= 50) & (Wind_Year <= 100));
Power = m * x + c;
Power = m * WindHeavy + c;
Power2 = [Power2; Power];
Day2 = [Day2; i];
The data (13 - 50) and (50 - 100) is coming from 12 spreadsheets.

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Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky on 22 Jun 2020
you have to index Wind_Year with your increment i.
For example Wind_Year(i) but heavily depends on what type of container your Wind_Year variable belongs to (Table,Vector,Cell...)
Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky on 27 Jul 2020
Hello Thomas,
sorry for the late reply. Maybe you can attach one of the (shorter) excel-Sheets?
Than I can have a better look on it.
Your code looks ok to me for iterating over all sheets.




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