How to convert checkmonotonic in matlab c coder?

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MitulKumar on 3 Dec 2012
Hi every one,
I am trying to convert a Matlab code to c using a matlab coder. And my code uses checkmonotonic this function which internally call cell function . So when i try to convert it using a matlab coder and i am not able to do it.
So Please any one let me know how can i convert or use such function in my c standalone application .
Thank you sir
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Jan on 3 Dec 2012
Please post exactly what you want to convert. And explain the details of "not able to do it" exhaustively. The less a reader must guess, the more likely is an answer.

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Answers (2)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 3 Dec 2012
I've never heard of the checkmonotonic. I would check montonically increasing with:

Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 3 Dec 2012
checkmonotonic does not appear to be a supported MathWorks function. Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do?
In general, you need to recode functions relying on cell arrays if you want to generate code from them.


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