Padding Zeros to an Array

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Question 1
I have a vector of length 100. I want to add two zeros after each element, to create a new vector of length 300.
(b) Write the Matlab code to do this.
%Adding 2 zeros after each element
for i=1:1:length(b)
b_up(j)= b(i);
Question 2
i got the output of b=1x300 double as required but I was wondering if there was an easier and faster method in padding 'n' zeros after each element?
Question 3
For example: Padding one zero after each element:
b_up = reshape([b; zeros(size(b))],1,[]);
Is there any way to modify the above code to pad 'n' zeros instead of one zero after each element?
Many thanks

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 28 Jun 2020
n = 10; % an example
b_up = reshape([b; zeros(n, size(b,2))],1,[]);
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Tahmid Abdullah
Tahmid Abdullah on 28 Jun 2020
Perfect! Thanks :)

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