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how to change the display accuracy of cursor data in simulation data inspector

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fangfines on 29 Jun 2020
Commented: Todd on 21 Jul 2021
hi, can i change (increase) the data display accuracy of the curor in simulation data inspector?
now i only get like 0.1, 10.2, x.y..., how can i get it to like 0.12, 8.57, x.ab, or even more decimal places?

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Hari Veerubhotla
Hari Veerubhotla on 16 Sep 2020
Currently, there is no such option is cursor settings of Simulink Data Inspector where you could set the decimal precision of a cursor values.
However, the cursor value precision displayed always depends on the time points precision in the plot.
For example, in the image shared by you the time range is between 0-110 seconds. Hence the decimal precision in cursor is 1 i.e data value is 450.0
In case if the time range is between 22.5 – 23.0 seconds, decimal precision in cursor will be 2 i.e. data value could be 223.45
Concerned development team is aware of this and having a UI setting to set the precision for cursor is considered for future releases

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Todd on 21 Jul 2021
Here's a workaround: Export the plots to a figure, and you can configure data tip format, and do many other things that you can't do in SDI.
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Todd on 21 Jul 2021
I just posted this, and then got an error exporting to a figure. "Handles of type Menu cannot be made [sic] the current Axes"

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