Plotting in MatLab App Builder - no x values?

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I am building an app in MatLab and have a UItable and a UIAxes. I finally got it to connect and plot what is on the table and update when the values in the table change, but ONLY Y values.
How can I plot my x and y values???
plot(app.UIAxes,y2); <- this is the piece of code that plots it
plot(app.UIAxes,x2, y2); does not work

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Accepted Answer

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy on 2 Jul 2020
Select the 2nd Option

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SC on 1 Jul 2020
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Noor Fakih
Noor Fakih on 1 Jul 2020
No, I do want a 2D plot. But I am unable to specify x-values.

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