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In a MatLab plot, when is 'box on' the default, and when is it not?

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Euan on 7 Dec 2012
Two very similar figure codes furnich plots with and without a box. Fixed by setting 'nox on'
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 7 Dec 2012
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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 7 Dec 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 7 Dec 2012
I see you were not just using the PLOT function.
The STAIRS function sets the box to on (line 99 in stairs.m). Thus as I said, the default is box off, but this is a specialty function that sets box on.
Other specialized plotting functions may do the same thing.
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 7 Dec 2012
The difference is that here you have set the hold state of the axes to on before calling STAIRS. If you look at the line of code I referenced above in stairs.m you will see this:
if ~hold_state
Thus STAIRS checks to see if the current axes is held. If not, it sets the box on.
All of this is interesting, but unless you want to memorize the behavior of all MATLAB's special plotting functions I recommend calling BOX the way you want it after any plotting takes place.

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