Excel file processing on GUIDE

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Abbass SAYEGH on 6 Jul 2020
Commented: Rik on 7 Jul 2020
Hello everyone,
I want to select an area on excel file and i want to process this area (like for example add a graph, trace row and column as function of time).
Under GUIDE, i open the excel file, but now i want to select the area, save it, and after work with that.
Can someone help me ?
Rik on 7 Jul 2020
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI (and avoid using GUIDE), have look at this thread.

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Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad on 6 Jul 2020
Edited: Mehmed Saad on 6 Jul 2020
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 7 Jul 2020
Abbas comments:
So, I have an interface which allows to choose a desired Excel file, and to process this file. I can open the file, but now i want to select an area on this file (row and colum), save it, and work with this area. i need help for the process. thanks!
if i want to work with a picture. we can select an area with the cursor ? And after, make the process with rows and columns thank you

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