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Problem sending data from ThignSpeak to Simulink

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I have a channel in ThingSpeak. Field number 4: Temperature, with some data. But, when I try to read that data in Simulink, I only receive 0... What could be happening?
Simulink model:
Configuration in simulink
ThingSpeak data:
Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya on 7 Jul 2020
Yes! I’m sure... I’m receiving the data... but always is zero...

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Accepted Answer

Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph on 9 Jul 2020
Hello Vinicio,
I just tried to read from your thingspeak channel and got the data. I ran the model in “Monitor & Tune” mode and could see the data. Please check the attachment.
To confirm the issue at your end please share the output of status port and the ‘Diagnostic viewer’
Reeno Joseph
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Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya on 9 Jul 2020
I had to reinstall the Run Hardware Pi package and it works... Thanks!

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Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya on 7 Jul 2020
I´m trying with another blocks, and with this one, it is working. But, I need send this to run over a Raspberry Pi, and I can not use the ThingSpeak Input block. But, here is obviusly that the problem is in the Raspberry Pi ThingSpeakRead block...

Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya on 8 Jul 2020
On the other hand, if I use Raspberry Pi ThingSpeak Write block, it is sending all the time a 0. When manually I change that value with a 20, the system write a 20... But, the value of the constant in the left side is just like it doesn´t exists.


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