UICONTEXTMENU will not appear on GUI

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I have been trying to get a context menu to appear anywhere on the eniter figure, which also has a plot on it. I have this code:
cmenu = uicontextmenu('Parent',S.fh);
bgmenu = uimenu(cmenu,'label','Background');
bg1 = uimenu(bgmenu,'Label','Grid','CallBack',set(imread,'filename','grid.jpg'));
bg2 = uimenu(bgmenu,'Label','ConTrail','Callback',set(imread,'filename','grid.png'));
bg3 = uimenu(bgmenu,'Label','Opera','Callback',set(imread,'filename','Opera.jpg'));
The Menu will not show up at all.

Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 9 Dec 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 9 Dec 2012
You need to set the uicontextmenu property, not assign a parent.
S.fh = figure;
cmenu = uicontextmenu;
bgmenu = uimenu(cmenu,'label','Background');
Now right click inside the figure....
Lawson Hoover
Lawson Hoover on 9 Dec 2012
Edited: Lawson Hoover on 9 Dec 2012
Ok so Im slowly getting it, you are loading clown and then saying it. But Clown is also a .mat right? so how would I save my images as a .mat? Also I have actually got the new image to appear on the back ground now, but instead of replacing it is just creating a new axes.

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