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Interfacing the ls7366r chip with simulink using a Raspberry pi

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Mihir Pingle
Mihir Pingle on 10 Jul 2020
Commented: Mihir Pingle on 11 Jan 2021
Hello everyone,
I was struggling with the interface of the raspberry pi with the quadrature encoder directly using the analog input. But, the hardware is not good enough to detect all the inturrupts in the encoder signal. So, I bought the board with ls7366r chip on it. Now I need to create the one time initialization and the register read using the raspberry pi interfaced with simulink. Does anyone have the model with which I can do this?
Mihir Pingle
Mihir Pingle on 11 Jan 2021
Yes I created a simulink model with help of the datasheet of LS7366R. I am attaching the file for it here

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Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph on 30 Jul 2020
Hi Mihir,
As of R2020a, we don't have a Simulink block to support quadrature encoder in Raspberry Pi.
Please follow our guide Device Driver blocks to create a custom block to read encoder values.
Hope this helps,
Reeno Joseph

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