run function ButtonPushed (app, event) when you open the GUI

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I'd like my GUI to run the function that's behind "ButtonPushed" immediately after opening it.
Is there any way to do it? I want to set starting points and plot them, these then get changed.
In the attached picture you see what i get when i push the Start Button. I managed to set initial Values for every field, but when i open the GUI the plot only starts by pushing "Start". I want it to use the Values in the edit fields and plot by it's own, without clicking on "Start".
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Accepted Answer

Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh on 13 Jul 2020
You can put code in StartupFcn Callback, which executes when the app starts up. So that, when you open the app function under StartupFcn, will be running automatically.
For more info, you can refer documentation :StartupFcn

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