How to solve this problem: Not enough input arguments. Nonlinear equations, Vegstein

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function [ root, k ] = veg(f,a,b)
e = 0.00001;
x0 = a;
x1 = b;
xn = x1 - (f(x1)*(x1-x0)/(f(x1)-f(x0)));
k = 1;
while (abs(x1-xn)>e)
k = k+1;
x0 = x1;
x1 = xn;
xn = x1 - (f(x1)*(x1-x0)/(f(x1)-f(x0)));
root = xn;
[x1f1_vegstein,k] = veg(f1,1.4,1.8);
error1 = abs((abs(x1f1_vegstein)-abs(x1f1))/x1f1);
function f = f1(x1)
f = 2*x1.^4+8*x1.^3-18*x1.^2-1;
Not enough input arguments.
Error in f1 (line 2)
f = 2*x1.^4+8*x1.^3-18*x1.^2-1;
Error in lr6 (line 77)
[x1f1_vegstein,k] = veg(f1,1.4,1.8);

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Govind Narayan Sahu
Govind Narayan Sahu on 14 Jul 2020
Edited: Govind Narayan Sahu on 14 Jul 2020
use @ symbol with f1 as given below:
[x1f1_vegstein,k] = veg(@f1,1.4,1.8);
After that you will get the root but also get the error since you have not created the variable x1f1. Please check.


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