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undefined function "bitsliceget"

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Fermin Lung
Fermin Lung on 14 Jul 2020
Answered: Steven Lord on 14 Jul 2020
I want to get a string of bits from an integer and return this string of bits as a new integer. The function "bitsliceget" seems fit this purpose. However, I tried to test the function in Matlab's command line but an error of undefined function "bitsliceget" results. I have checked in the Add-on manager that the fixedpoint designer toolbox is installed. I am using Matlab version 2020a.
Is the function no longer supported? Are there any replacements for this function?


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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 14 Jul 2020
This function requires its first input to be a fixed-point fi array. It will not work with a plain numeric array as the first input.
The bitget and bitset functions in MATLAB may be of use to you.


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