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I'm working on memristor and i already make it, but i have a capacitor problem, how i connect it in parallel with this subsystem, since capacitor in a different library

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Mazin Mogadem
Mazin Mogadem on 17 Jul 2020
My main idea that the capacitor would be in parrallel for the sybsystem, so i tried to connect it by small subsystem but i have added a voltage controlled source then replace it by Controlled Current Source, it worked but i still didn't get any hysteresis loop. when checking it you will have a more clear idea about what am saying

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas on 14 Aug 2020
That Capacitor block belongs to a different library (Simscape).
If you want a capacitor that connects to that circuit, use a Series/Parallel RLC Branch block and set its R and L values to zero. That should work.
To differentiate between these two types of capacitors color coding is used where blue represents bloks from simscape library.
For more info on series/parallel RLC, you can have a look at this.
Mazin Mogadem
Mazin Mogadem on 9 Sep 2020
please can you check my last posted question
I really need help, a bundle of thanks for your consideration

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