Binary Mask and gray scale image

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abrassart stephan
abrassart stephan on 15 Jul 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 16 Jul 2020
I have a binary mask and i want to extract the value of a grayscale image in a other variable. How can i do this ?
(if the pixel (159,300) in the mask = 1, and the pixel(159,300)in the grayscale image = 67, return 67 in the variable).
Thanks for your help.

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Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy on 15 Jul 2020
I = imread('circle.jpg');
I = rgb2gray(I);
M = I<125;
To access Image index where mask value is 1, simply apply Logical Indexing
L = I(M);
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abrassart stephan
abrassart stephan on 15 Jul 2020
En utilisant la variable seg comme masque, extraire les éléments intensite_region de l’image imgf qui appartiennent à la région segmentée dans seg (c.-à-d. les éléments qui sont à 1 dans seg).
intensite_region = imgf where pixel of seg=1
intensite_region must be (510,628)

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