How to run function without interrupt the process.

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Kantaphon Lertsittiporn
Kantaphon Lertsittiporn on 17 Jul 2020
Answered: Anirudh Singh on 20 Jul 2020
I'm new to this community but I have some question.
I have loop that feel like this in my code. (not exactly like this)
count = 0
while true
a = 1
if a < 10
a = a+1
b = a;
count = count +1
if count == obj.Sensor.Count
a = a +10
BotFusion(obj.BotFus,Likelihood); %my function that take long time to compute
count = 0;
I want to run my function without interrupt the process of my code.
How can I run it parallelly or other solution.
Thank you in advance.

Answers (1)

Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh on 20 Jul 2020
To run the code parallelly you can try using the 'Parfor' loop. but for this, you need to install a parallel computing toolbox.
Please refer the documentation page of the 'parfor' loop :




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