Reading Serial Data on Arduino into Matlab

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Justin on 21 Jul 2020
Answered: Priyanshu Mishra on 27 Jul 2020
I am trying to read in data from a dust sensor (Plantower PMS 5003) into matlab. The dust sensor his plugged into an arduino UNO board which is connected to Matlab via the Arduino Hardware Support Package.
Here is the datasheet for the dust sensor, page 13 shows the details of the serial communication protocol.
To be clear, I'm not having an issue connecting to the arduino - that works fine, Matlab is talking to it. I have not seen an example of how to read the serial data coming off the digital pins from the arduino into Matlab.
thank you for your help!!

Answers (1)

Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 27 Jul 2020
Hi Justin,
You may refer the following link for reading streaming data from Arduino




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