Saving Simmechanics Picture to jpeg

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Etienne on 18 Apr 2011
Hi there
I would like to save the visual display of a simmechanics figure to a jpeg. At the moment I can save it to avi but no other formats. Is it possible to export it to any other formats?

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 18 Apr 2011
The easiest way I could think to do this is to just take a screenshot of it. If you are on windows, you can
1. Select window and press Alt+PrintScreen
2. Open Paint (or some other image program) and copy the clipboard contents to a new image, then save it as a JPG.
If you need to automate the process you could probably do it by finding the handle to the SimMechanics visualization window and then printing it.
>> allFigs = findall(0,'Type','figure')
>> simMechFig = allFigs(2); %not sure how to determine which figure is the SimMechanics one
>> print(simMechFig,'-djpg','myFile.jpg')
I'd stick with the first approach, though.

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