Adding Color to Text in Rows in UI Table in GUI

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I am trying to add color to text in the UI Table, here is my code. It starts by the user loading the files and then displaying the file names in the table. How can I add different color to each file name?
AssemblyData= {'Name1',0, 0};
AssemblyTable= uitable(f, 'Units', 'centimeters','Position', [1,1,7,5], 'Data', AssemblyData,'ColumnEditable',[false, true, true], 'ColumnName',{'Name'; 'Offset[m]';'MeshSize[m]'},'CellEditCallback', {@AssemblyEdit_Callback});
function AddBody_Callback(source,eventdata)
[files,pathToFiles] = uigetfile('*.mat',...
'Select One or More Files', ...
'MultiSelect', 'on');
[BodyDataAdd,k, FileNames] = BodyDataLoad(files,pathToFiles);
if isempty(BodyData)
BodyData= BodyDataAdd;
BodyData= [BodyData; BodyDataAdd];
for TempIndex= 1:k % k is the number of files added
if k==1
AssemblyData{BodyNumber+TempIndex,1} = FileNames;
AssemblyData{BodyNumber+TempIndex,1} = FileNames{TempIndex};
AssemblyData{BodyNumber+TempIndex,2} = 0;
AssemblyData{BodyNumber+TempIndex,3} = 0;
BodyNumber= BodyNumber+k;
AssemblyTable.Data= AssemblyData;

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Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky on 27 Jul 2020
Hi if you have an handle h to the object you can try this:
set(h, 'Color',[1, 0 ,0], 'FontSize', 20)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jul 2020
We cannot be sure from what you posted whether your uitable is on a traditional figure or on a uifigure . The style of your code would be more consistent with it being a traditional figure.
When you use uitable on tradtional figures, you are limited to setting foreground and background that affect all of the rows, and to set "row striping" that affects alternate rows. .
However if you use uitable on traditional figures, and you make all of the cells into cell array of character vectors, then you can put HTML into each one individually, making each one a separate <table> that you can then set bgcolor for... one cell at a time. You would not want to make such cells editable as the user would be editing the HTML.
If you use uitable on uifigure, then new style facilities become available; see
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hamzah khan
hamzah khan on 29 Jul 2020
I figured out that changing the background color is also working for me :)

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