Micro CT data reading

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Hege on 26 Jul 2020
Commented: Hege on 8 Aug 2020
I have some Micro-CT data and I am very very new to the micro-CT and also I am learning matlab as well. I want to read these Micro-CT data using MATLAB and do the skeletonization,fibre definition and curve fitting for these fiber structural data. Could you please advice me, how should I start my work using the MATLAB as I dont have idea to how to start.I searched in You tube. But I could not find. Appreciate your comments and guidance.

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 29 Jul 2020
Hi Yasaween,
To start with MATLAB and Simulink I can suggest you to go through the following training provided by MathWorks :
For micro CT data reading, you may refer the following link. It may help you :
Hege on 8 Aug 2020
Hi Priya,
Currently, I am following up the matlab training courses and there are 3 essential courses that I would like to follow up. Unfortunately, it says ACCESS for the all these three courses will be expried in next month. I am using the Academic Matlab 2017a and I have the university acess license for the Matlab.
Is there anyway that I could extend my access date for my relevant courses? Or else is there anuway that I could download it before it expires?
Actually I did not know there are some matlab training coures by Mathowrks till you informed me.
Appreciate your valuable feedback.

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