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Surface plot by using three vectors of the same length

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How could I generate a surface plot by using three vectors of the same length and there is no relation between them?I know that I have to generate a meshgrid from x and y ,but the z vector was obtained experiamentally and there is no relation to link it to x and y to generate its mesh of the same size.So,what should Ido?

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Star Strider el 13 de Ag. de 2020
The surf plot only requires that ‘Z’ is a matrix. The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ arguments are good to have, although not necessary (and they can be vectors).
With no information about what the ‘Z’ vector actually is or what it contains, I can only suggest that to create a matrix from it will likely require the reshape function.
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MOHAMED ABDULAZIM el 14 de Ag. de 2020
Could I save matlab figures to a certain directory and make this automatic in script file?I am writing a script file for drawing many surfaces.
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Star Strider el 14 de Ag. de 2020
Use the saveas or print function.
Access the R2013a documentation with:
doc saveas
doc print
Use the documentation provided with R2013a, not the online documentation that I lniked to here, that is for R2020a. All the other related functions linked to in and at the end of that documentation page that I lniked to here were introduced after R2013a.

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