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Trying to open a .dll file in MATLAB but I'm unable to. The error shown is "undefined function 'simplelw' for input arguments of type 'double'."

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Basically, I have this script and my line of code is:
The error is
Undefined function 'simplelw' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in lwcontour (line 183)
Now, simplelw is a .dll file. This used to work in older versions of MATLAB, but not in 2012. Any ideas to what the problem is? I'm running a x64 version of MATLAB, could that be the problem?
I made sure that I'm in the correct directory (for example, when I try to open('simplelw.dll'), it opens, but I can't really see anything because it's a .dll.

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Jan el 7 de En. de 2013
Editada: Jan el 8 de En. de 2013
Is the DLLs a MEX function compiled for 32 bit? Then you cannot run it from a 64 bit Matlab version, because a MEXW64 file is required. There is no workaround to call a 32-bit DLL from a 64 bit Matlab version.
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Mahdi el 8 de En. de 2013
Thanks. That was the solution. Is there a way to still run it from 64 bit version though?
Jan el 8 de En. de 2013
No. Either install a 32-bit Matlab on a 64-bit operating system, or invent a 64to32-bit-converter and get very rich.

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