Save scatter3 plot as u3d or other rotatable figure suitable for pdf

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I use scatter3 to get a produce a 3d graph but cannot get fig2u3d or u3d_pre to work, and I haven't been able to locate examples that are sufficiently self-explanatory. The underlying document is in LaTeX. Many thanks!

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Vinai Datta Thatiparthi
Vinai Datta Thatiparthi on 16 Sep 2020
Have a look at this MATLAB Answer.
Hope this helps!

Giulio Cordaro
Giulio Cordaro on 24 Aug 2022
Edited: Giulio Cordaro on 24 Aug 2022
I'm a beginner, but I had the same issue and I (partially) solved it in this way:
  • once you make your scatter3 image, press View and open Camera Toolbar from the figure menu
  • press the first button, Orbit Camera, then click and drag (slowly) on the image to turn it around the axis you prefer: if you keep moving the mouse when you release the left button, the image will keep on rotating forever
  • open any software for .gif creation (I use ScreenToGif because it has a portable version) and record a .gif file with the frames of your 3D rotating scatter3 graph
Not the best solution, but it works fine. I ended up here because I was looking for how to improve it, especially the click and drag part, which is a bit tricky and requires several tries. Please, Let me know if you know a way to rotate 3D graphs in an easier way!
Edit: This is a more elegant way to rotate the camera automatically, but it still needs ScreenToGif to produce a .gif file:
ax.CameraViewAngle = 10;
for i = 1 : 0.2 : 500




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