get line plot data just by mouse stay on it (without click)

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I plot my data and I need to show data (Y) in text box when I put the mouse cursor on it (without click), is there any fuction that help me?

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Teja Muppirala
Teja Muppirala on 28 Jan 2013
Here is a simple example that outlines how to do it using HITTEST.
function my_example
function getcoords(varargin)
this = hittest;
if strcmp(get(this,'type'),'line');
cp = get(gca,'currentpoint');
ht = title(num2str(cp([1 3])));
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Ouael Chkoundali
Ouael Chkoundali on 25 Feb 2019
Hi Teja,
and if I want to display the mouse position only when it is on an axes? I have a GUI with 1 axes and buttons.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jan 2013
datacursormode() with a custom callback function that sends the coordinate to the edit box as well as displaying it on the screen.
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Morteza on 28 Jan 2013
I knew that datacursormode can return current position mose on the figure, but it is require to call the function and the click on the screen to get result. In my plot just by move the mouse program should realize that current mouse position is on the line plot if you are already. I found a function like overobj2.m and put it in the function that is called by my program every secound to get data, but it just return only axes .....

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Jan on 28 Jan 2013
You can use the WindowsButtonMotion function of the parent figure. There OVEROBJ can check, if the mouse is over the specified axes and the CurrentPoint property of this axes contains the coordinates. Now you need a method to find the nearest (interpolated?) point of your data for the display.


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