How can we use find_system to get a block's SID

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P Lepage
P Lepage on 28 Sep 2020
Commented: P Lepage on 1 Oct 2020
In this page of the Matalb's documentation, it is said not to use the Simulink.ID.getSID() command and use find_system instead.
I have trouble understanding how to use find_system in order to replace this command.
I would also like to know why using Simulink.ID.getSID() is not recommanded.
P Lepage.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 29 Sep 2020
It is true that find_system() is not the real replacement. If full block path is used in Simulink.ID.getSID() to get SID, then the replacement should be get_param(FullBlockPath, 'SID'). find_system might be used to find the block first.
Looking at the warning message in document for Simulink.ID.getSID, Simulink.ID.getHandle and Simulink.ID.hilite, I assume Mathworks is phasing out the Simulink.ID sub-class.
P Lepage
P Lepage on 1 Oct 2020
They are stored in a map to have a reference that does not depend on block's name. This map is then used to hilite_system the block it contains through callbacks and generated html documents.

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