Issues with loop- "Too many input arguments."

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Here is my issue- I am on the cusp of solving my problem by using the quadrature technique. However, I seem to be doing something wrong with my loop. Can someone please take a look at this for me:
function [f]= NC_2(n,a,b,fun) %newton-cotes, a and b are limits of integration
for f=1:n
x1= a; %@(leftmost) endpoint
l= (b - a)/n; %length of the sub_interval
x2= x1+l; %the second subinterval endpoint
%setting it up
fa= fun(a); %y value for lower limit
fb= fun(b); %y value for upper limit
%the actual function
f= (b-a)*(fa+fb)/2;
x1= x2; %old endpoint x2 becomes the new x1
x2= x2+l;
Here is what I type into the command window:
fun= @(x) normpdf(x)
[f]= NC(4,-3,0,fun)
Why is it not working?? Any help is much appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Oct 2020
You are not calling it correctly!
See if:
fun= @(x) normpdf(x)
[f]= NC_2(4,-3,0,fun)
does what you want.

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