Polyspace Command line : Add review information to results

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vu NagMs
vu NagMs on 5 Oct 2020
Answered: Anirban on 6 Oct 2020
I have the result folder of an analysis and need the commands (Windows CMD) in order to:
- List all grey checks (Unreachable code)
- Update status, Severity and add comment

Answers (1)

Anirban on 6 Oct 2020
If you are using the release R2020b, you can use the polyspace-results-export command to export the results to CSV or JSON format. If you export to CSV, for instance, you can then filter the grey checks using the Type column. You can also add a status, severity and other information to the CSV file. What you cannot do is then import that information back to the results. The reason is that these CSV exports are meant for archiving purposes only.
The expected review workflow is that you open the results in the Polyspace user interface (desktop workflow) or Polyspace Access web interface (server-based workflow) and then add the review information explicitly. Once you add the review information, you can continue propagating that information to subsequent runs using the polyspace-comments-import command. So adding the information is a one-time activity. However, this activity requires explicitly going through the code and understanding the control and data flow. Hence you have to open the Polyspace user interface for this activity. Within the user-interface, however, there are conveniences to mass-justify specific types of results.

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