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how i can understand a project which has no. of files...

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manoj saini
manoj saini on 31 Jan 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
hello i want to know if a matlab project have no. of .m,.mat,.mdl file..... how i can understand which file will be run obtain proper output suppose i want learn about these files plz check link it has no. of files if i download these files how i can run it.....
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Jan on 31 Jan 2013
Please use meaningful tags. Almost all submissions concern "matlab files", but the tags are used to classify the questions. Thanks.

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Jan on 31 Jan 2013
I'd expect, that the ReadMe.txt file contains the required information, but if not, this is definitly a question for the author of this FileExchange submission.


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