Syms dependent on time vector notation

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I want to caculate the partial derivatives of a vector u:
syms A theta(t) phi(t);
u = [A*cos(phi)*theta;sin(phi)*phi];
du = diff(u,t);
Now u and du are converted to 1x1 symfun functions, but I actually want it to be a vector output as well.
I got this output for du:
A*cos(phi(t))*diff(theta(t), t) - A*sin(phi(t))*theta(t)*diff(phi(t), t)
sin(phi(t))*diff(phi(t), t) + cos(phi(t))*phi(t)*diff(phi(t), t)
But I want the output to be in 2x1 vector form. Does someone maybe know how to do this?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 12 Oct 2020

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