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I am getting that PIL executes the source code using the same toolchain that I would use for programming (compiler, assembler, linker). What is not clear for me is when and how I can set the same options for that. For example, the same compiler used within Code Composer Studio (CCS) from Texas Instruments can be used to run PIL, but when I use CCS with its IDE (or by command window), I have the chance to set some option for the compiler, such as optimization options.
How can I set it as well before PIL to be sure that the executable running on the target looks like that one I would generate by CCS?
Thanks ahead for a kindly reply.
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Fabio Marrocolo
Fabio Marrocolo on 30 Sep 2021
Hi Marco,
Reading your posts, it appears that you are trying to "build" an hardware support package for the Texsas Instruments TMS570 series.
I have the same problem for my project. I am trying to interface the TMS570LC4357 with Simulink, I am evolving to know if you have information (or suggestions) to help me get started.

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Prasanth on 24 Nov 2020
Hi Marco,
I understand that you are looking for how the toolchain is selected by Simulink, and also how to modify the toolchain settings.
The default value for the 'Toolchain' parameter in 'Configuration Parameters->Codegeneration' settings is 'Automatically locate an installed toolchain', which detects the most current toolchain from the available toolchains for the host.
You can change the 'Toolchain' settings for the chosen toolchain in the 'Configuration Parameters->Codegeneration' settings tab.
Refer to the following documentation link to get more insights on the 'Toolchain' parameter setting.
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Marco Massaro
Marco Massaro on 12 Jan 2021
Edited: Marco Massaro on 12 Jan 2021
I set the ert.tlc and the Target HW as "Hardware Implementation", but CCS does not figure in the list in "Toolchain settings". So I cannot follow your indication.
I use Matlab 2020a and CCS v9

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