Format a large number into small decimal number

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I have code on function like:
hr = sqrt ( .1/ 2 ) .* (h_i+j*h_q);
hr1 = sqrt (.3/ 2 ) .* (h_i+j*h_q);
x=x = constellation(randi([1 4],50));
syms cr;
and I am getting the answer like cr*(2031273339923201/4503599627370496 - 7019058886806809i/36028797018963968) - 42472189963858493/288230376151711744)
How I will format this large number into small decimal number?

Accepted Answer

Spectro on 21 Oct 2020
Lookup matlab built-in functions like simplify() or vpa().
This should do the work:
vpa(r, 4)

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