How can I adjust the bit rate of a QAM signal in Simulink?

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I want to simulate a two-way microwave radio link, and I should set the data rate in Gbit/s. I've already checked many Simulink blocks, like QAM modulator, transmitter, singal sources, etc., but none of them contained a data rate adjust function.

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 29 Oct 2020
The data rate depends only on the rate at which the data is getting generated by a signal generator.
For example, the data rate at the output of Bernoulli Binary Generator block from Simulink depends upon the combination of following two properties:
  1. Sample time
  2. Samples per frame
This output signal can then be fed to the QAM modulator block as input.
You can refer to the RF Satellite bi-directional link model to learn more about simulating a radio link.
To open this model in MATLAB, enter the following command in your MATLAB command window:

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