How can I simulate adjacent channel interference in Simulink?

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I have to simulate two microwave QAM signals(2 and 2.5 GHz), and the task says the minimum Adj. channel interference is 40 dB. How can I take this into account in my simulation, preferring simple solutions?

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 30 Oct 2020
You can refer to the model which demonstrates simulation of Adjacent and Co-Channel Interference on a PSK modulated signal.
To open the Simulink model, run the following command in MATLAB command line:
You can simulate the interference on a QAM modulated signal on the similar lines.
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Balint Csejtei
Balint Csejtei on 31 Oct 2020
Thanks a lot. Do you have any idea to set the midband frequency(carrier) of the modulated signal, and the length of the channel?

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