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How to use an absolute scale with colormaps

Asked by Raldi
on 9 Feb 2013
Hi everyone,
I am using image to plot a matrix of some heat data, the thing is that i want a specific color mapped in a specific value, for example if i have a maximum temperature of 45 then that will be a deep red color, and the lowest a deep blue, but if in another image i have a maximum temperature of 6 then that again will be represented with a deep red color. I dont want that, i need the scale of the colormap to remain the same no matter the data that i am plotting, is there a way to do that?
Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

Answer by Jurgen
on 9 Feb 2013
 Accepted Answer

Yes, just adjust the CLim property of the axes to the desired range. e.g. caxis([0 45]) will map the colors to 0-45 range.

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Thats it, thanks.

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