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Ahil Khan
Ahil Khan on 27 Oct 2020
Answered: Nitin Kapgate on 30 Oct 2020
Hello! I wanted to find out, how can I convert c++ code to MATLAB? Is it possible? And if so, what are the steps? Regards.

Answers (1)

Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 30 Oct 2020
If your goal is to convert C++ code to MATLAB code, manual conversion is required.
However, if you only need to call the C++ code from MATLAB, simpler solutions are possible:
  • Option A: create a MEX file via MATLAB Coder (using MATLAB Coder on a simple M file that just calls the C++ function using coder.cinclude and coder.ceval) - see the last comment on a similar question.
  • Option B: create a MEX file via the MEX command (you will need to write a MEX wrapper for the C++ code). More information can be found on this documentation page.
You can also refer the guide for Using MATLAB with C and C++ .





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