Function that performs similar to input() / pause() (waits until user input) that is usable within an spmd loop

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Matthew Vincent
Matthew Vincent on 15 Feb 2013
I am code that runs MCMC algorithms and uses spmd. There are no problems with the code but it takes a day or two to completely run the required number of samples. Recently my computer has been shutting down due to windows updates. I have attempted to change the settings on the windows updater and have contacted the IT people at my college but am unable to change the settings due to university policy and I am using their computer. It was recommended to me to turn off my wireless connection so that windows cannot update, but the license associated with the university matlab account needs to be actively connected for the spmd function to work. I have found however that before reaching the end statement of the spmd function the program works fine but once it reaches the end and it is disconnected from the internet a bunch of errors appear. So I am attempting to stop the workers from continuing with the code right before the end statement until I am able to reconnect with the internet. I have attempted to use input('...') but causes some strange behavior in smpd and does not appear until I hit Ctrl+C, which is unhelpful. I also attempted to use pause but also would not respond to user input. Is there any function that is compatible within the spmd function that will stop the code until the users specifies. I have looked into wait() but this doesn't meet my needs because I am unsure of the amount of time needed to wait and might end up waiting unnecessarily long (or not be present when it finishes waiting). If there is any way to get pause or input usable within the spmd portion or any other help is much appreciated.

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