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Can I get previous verison of Matab/Simulink>

Asked by hajime yamada on 16 Feb 2013
Helo, my university has up-to-date site license with Mathworks. The problem is that for compatibility reaosn, I need to use a previuos version of Mathworks/Simulink with toolboxes. Is it possible to get older version of these programs? What is the procedure? An IT officer sent two requests to a local distributor few weeks ago, there has been no reply. Can Mathworks Headquarter help?


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2 Answers

Answer by Wayne King
on 16 Feb 2013

If it's a matter of backward compatibility, then have you checked the release notes to see what the incompatibility is and how MathWorks recommends you address it?
The typical case is that compatibility considerations are documented as well as what actions the customer can take to update their code.
What is the difference in releases between the code you would like to run and the current release you have?

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There are several compatibility issues. One is that the .dll file I obtained from another person is only compatible with the 2006a,b and 2007a Windows versions of Matlab/Simulink + toolboxes. The university is using the latest version of Matlab/Simulink.

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Answer by Andreas Goser on 19 Feb 2013

If you are working in a country without a direct representation of MathWorks, you can find out the contact data here.
Call them and verify if they received such a request.
BUT: In general, your university can do all that without contacting somebody else. If the license indeed is under maintenance, the administrator can download older releases or associate you to the license so that you can download it yourself.


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