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how to extract a specific number from a UITable and display that which row of that table that number belongs?

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lets say i have a UITable in which first coulmn is serial number and second column contains data
extracted the second column data and perform outlier code or in simple words i found maximum of Data..
then i stored the resultant in a second UITable. at this instant its done Now what i want that the serial number to which my number(600) belongs should also display with number...
kindly guide how to write a logic code that may find the angle againt "OutlierData" and display it in 2nd table column 1.
Data may change so outlier could be any where in the data.
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 19 Nov 2020
Hello, Since I haven't provided anything other than a suggestion, you can answer the question yourself and accept it as well.

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